Children in the Valley

Drinking Bottles, mixed media, 2017

Artist statement

Like many of my paintings, these new works have rough dashes of paint, but instead of covering over the intense brushstrokes and charcoal with traditional oil techniques, the gestural skeleton is revealed.  By unabashedly celebrating the drawing within, the viewer may better enjoy the painting process through which it was created.


At first it seemed this series was about children’s unknowing exposure to pollutants.  Our family was spending time in California’s Central Valley and we had felt the effects of poor air quality and pesticides used in homes and farms nearby.  By winter, as the rain flooded the land, I thought about the pollutants washing into the water we drank. 


Those fears were only one layer of danger that the paintings revealed. 


Yet at the same time, there is hope. They are safe for now.

 on view at the Werkshack through May 2017

Sweet Afternoon, oil and charcoal on canavs, 48x60", 2017

Noah, oil and charcoal on canavs, 48x60", 2017

Muddy, oil and charcoal on board, 20x 36", 2017

Charlotte's Dandelions, mixed media, 2017